Sawano Hiroyuki – Next 2 U -eUC- (Gundam Unicorn ED)

Another absolute gem from Sawano’s NZK vocal-led project – I love how while the OP to the Gundam Unicorn TV re-edit is sung entirely in English, this one opens with Japanese lyrics before shifting into English later on the song. Like the OP, it is so utterly redolent in hope and energetic optimism. A trailblazing anthem of pure power. Working in some of Sawano’s flirtations with country-rock and the kind of strutting soft-guitar lines you can imagine backing a Taylor Swift track, the pop purity of this song is another bitesize proportion of Eurovision worthy excellence. A flag-waving anthem to all of humanity, telling us to strive toward better, cleaner, purer excellence – a world where humanity is all. Refrashinging the melody line from Sawano’s own core orchestral movement from the Gundam Unicorn OST, this song feels like it ties together, glues together, everything the series represents in one cohesive piece – which really, is everything an ED theme should do.


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