Sawano Hiroyuki – Into the Sky (Gundam Unicorn OP)

Of all of Sawano Hiroyuki’s NZK tracks, I find myself returning to this one the most often. There’s a subtlety to it, a pure beauty in Tielle’s vocal line that echoes the optimism and utopian dream that I’ve talked before lies at the heart of what Gundam Unicorn is about. It’s about letting light shine through into your life – about putting an end to human sacrifice. It’s about, hope, eternal, through and through.


Those sleek Euro-dance synths, and Sawano’s trademark pounding piano lines – Sawano’s NZK music has always been heavily Western in sound, but this is perhaps more so than any of his other NZK tracks, this uber-anthem of Eurovision-esque proportions, all silver-lined mellifluousness. It’s star studded, sparkling away in the crystal blackness of space. A trailblazer of hopeful energy.


It’s only you that can fly this mystical unicorn into the sky…


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