fhána – Hello!My World!! (Knight’s & Magic OP)

From releasing one of the singularly best OP themes of the past year or two in the form of Kobayashi-san’s Dragon Maid, fhana are fast emerging as one of the most continually excellent purveyors of OP themes operating in the industry right now. And they’ve delivered up another gem in the form of Hello! My World!! (all those exclamation marks!) – a first rate pop effort that sounds like their take on a Fairy Tail OP.

I’ve started to think of fhana as a kind of Japanese version of Alphabeat (remember them?!) – and while their styles aren’t overtly similar, they have that same thrillingly poptastic optimism, mixed male/female groups with a spirit of Nordic pop bliss. The chorus lines and harmonies are just so ‘perfect’, slipstreaming through this barely containable optimism and joy at the essence of life. I love it.

ps. Will we ever work out the issue with that rogue apostophe in the title of Knight’s And Magic? And will every fhana OP song now contain the word ‘communication’?


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