Asian Kung Fu Generation – Re:Re: (Erased OP)

Let’s cast our minds back to when Erased was the hottest thing in anime for one crazy season. For all the faults many came to lambast the season with post-Ending, the show seemed to capture bottled fervour in a lightning instant while it was airing. You just *had* to watch it – or so the stats on MAL or general pervasive online hype would suggest.

And something about AKFG’s propulsive, clockwork-like number Re:Re felt so perfectly matched to the show and its own feelings of time, tension and release. What’s more, the song itself was a re-release and re-recording of a song originally dating from all the way back in 2004 – the band reaching back through time to resurrect a relic of their own pasts, retooling it for a new generation.

And perhaps that’s why the song so strongly recalls the jangly, indie-pop/rock stylings of guitar rock’s mid 00s era – when the likes of Libertines and Razorlight ruled the airwaves and pop-punk still felt like the coolest thing known to man. Re:Re: is all that bundled up into a slick new suit and tie, another smash hit in the repertoire of one of anisong’s most consistently excellent rock outfits.


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