Yuki Kajiura – Key of the Twilight (.hack//SIGN OST)

Ahhhhhh. That’s what listening to Key of the Twilight makes me feel. A little nostalgia. OK – a lot of nostalgia. Memories of a ‘story never ever told in the past.’ I’ve always had mixed feelings about the Hack franchise as a whole, but the quality of Kajiura’s soundtrack for the original series remains peerless, and in my eyes the greatest point of recommendation for the show as a whole. Coming as it did while she was arguably still in the formative years of her anime compositions in the early 00s, it still has this nubile ‘outre’, bizarre quality that matches the out and out weirdness that first Hack series has at times.

While it has Kajiura’s trademark synth/choral mash-up style imprinted all over it, what I love best about Key of the Twilight is the romano-Adriatic feel it has, some Aegean dream of softly strummed guitar and long nights of wine, candles and endless beaches of soft white sand. Summer Nights of endless heat-stroked perfection. There’s touches of the pan-European tropico vibe the Pet Shop Boys lent to their mid 90s album Bilingual to the mix of synths and guitar, and all in all, there’s just such a mystique to the song – especially when it delves into the hauntingly beautiful middle-eight section and really lets it all go with the choral elements. Simply stunning stuff.


2 Replies to “Yuki Kajiura – Key of the Twilight (.hack//SIGN OST)”

  1. Ahhh, I love this soundtrack. It’s got to be one of my favourite anime OSTs of all time. I’d be pretty hard put to name my favourite song from it though – Key of the Twilight would definitely be right up there, but so would Yasashii Yoake, Fake Wings, A Stray Child, and In the Land of Twilight, Under the Moon.


    1. Absolutely – her work on Noir is amazing too; I’m probably going to do a couple of posts of songs from that OST soon, as they have the same sort of vibe. It’s really interesting to see how her style has shifted subtly over the years.

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