Sawano Hiroyuki – WarCry (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress OST)

You’ve got to love a Sawano Hiroyuki insert song. From Kill to Kill to Attack on Titan, Hiroyuki has become known, almost to a cliched degree, for his fist pumping, heart in your mouth ‘big drop’ power tunes. And WarCry is no different – offering up another dose of empowering, energetic awesomeness.

Coming when it did though, WarCry is very much a product of the post-Nzk Hiroyuki, taking the sound he distilled in his work for Seraph of the End and Aldnoah Zero and again going for all-English lyrics in a rollicking, soaring number that – when the chorus hits – doesn’t feel like too far a cry from something you’d hear on Eurovision. I’ve often pondered the Scandi-esque feel a lot of Hiroyuki’s vocal songs have, and it’s perhaps at its most prominent here – if someone told me that this song was from a big-hitting Swedish popstar instead of a Japanese composer, I’d probably believe them.

Thinking back to when Kabaneri aired, I still wonder whether it would have been a bigger hit if it’d aired on Crunchyroll instead of the then-in-its-infancy anime-streaming version of Amazon (soon to become Amazon Strike). But besides that, WarCry remains a poignant reminder of week-1 Kabaneri, where for a time being at least, we wondered whether we had another epic hit on the scale of Attack on Titan on our hands.


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