Makoto Miyazaki – Seigi Shikkou (One Punch Man OST)

When it comes to beefy inspirational anime OST tunes, they don’t come much bigger than this. One Punch Man is up there with Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul as one of the most popular anime/manga properties in the West right now, and not to mention the outstanding OP theme, Seigi Shikkou, from the soundtrack-proper captures all the heroic power and puff-your-chest-out brouhaha that the series has to offer.

Very much in the same propulsive template as the likes of Yuki Hayashi’s compositions for My Hero Academia, Makoto Miyazaki’s track goes all in on live drums, crunchy guitar and a soaring central string arrangement that I have to confess nearly had my eyes misting up when it played during the iconic Mumen Rider vs Sea King battle in the anime.

I compel anyone to listen to the track without clenching their fist with heroic ambition.


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