Yuki Hayashi – You Say Run (My Hero Academia)

I wrote yesterday about how Yuki Hayashi is one of the current rising stars in the world of anime soundtracks, and today I’ll shine the spotlight on arguably one of his greatest, most recognisable tracks – You Say Run.


At the core of Hayashi’s sound as a composer is a dynamic between powerful, driving percussion, strings and guitar work. I often note similarities between his style and the string-driven compositions for Final Fantasy 13’s iconic battle-theme – songs like Hayashi’s The Battle of Concepts, with its arching, Eastern-sounding string melody could even be Final Fantasy battle themes themselves.


The reason You Say Run stands as one of his strongest tracks though is that it builds on all his other work to create a composition that perhaps functions as a ‘song’ too – more than any of his other tracks. With that irrepressibly rhythmic crunching guitar riff that opens the song to the choppy, keening string lines, every part of You Say Run feels like it tells a story – one of impossible hope and ambition.


Paired to My Hero Academia’s themes, You Say Run positively bursts with the ‘you can do it’ message of the very best Shonen action series – it’s the kind of thing to have you leaping out of your bed every morning, pumping some iron and stepping out into another beautiful sunny day. It’s just SO uplifting, and really, when it comes down to it – that’s all we want a soundtrack to do. And You Say Run absolutely nails this.


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