Claris doing ska is this season’s best OP theme

Of the anime series I’ve kept up with this season and haven’t dropped, Claris’ gloriously upbeat Hitorigoto (the OP to icky, but irresistible Oreimo clone Eromanga sensei) is coming out a country mile ahead of any competition. While I’ve come to generally favour the darker, more ‘epic’ OP themes over the past few years (ie. last year’s majestic Kabaneri OP), there’s something about the strut and brass-laden pomp of Hitorigoto that has me looking forward to it weekly more than Eromanga-sensei as a show itself, to be quite honest.

Because, basically, it’s ska-pop through and through – a genre you’d be hard pressed to say was common when it comes to OP themes. On one hand, Claris’ typical bright-hearted melodies and uplifting choruses are all present and correct, but there’s something in the presentation that lifts it above and beyond – a weird mish-mash of manic Specials-esque carnivalia with a soaring spirit that pairs perfectly with the floaty visuals of the OP. Much like the Oreimo OPs – I love the way characters are given a sense of three-dimensionality as they float past. Others have already talked about how Eromanga sensei seems to have had an above-average level of animation polish lavished on it, and the OP is prime example of that – a lush throwback to 2013 when Attack on Titan was airing alongside season 2 of Oreimo. Some things never really change…

I have to confess, I haven’t been the biggest fan of Claris’ sound since ‘Alice’ left the band and ‘Karen’ joined – and Hitorigoto is still some way from the majesty of their Madoka Magica-era singles. And yet… It grows on you, and grows on you.

Maybe, much like Sagari in the OP theme itself – it’s that sense that it’s a song you might secretly dance away to in your bedroom. But only when you’re certain no-one’s looking…


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