“I’ll Pay You Back For That, Ten Times Over” – Gurren Lagann

I remember the first time I watched Gurren Lagann, this scene just absolutely blew me away. Up until this point, I hadn’t really got into the show. I couldn’t understand why people raved about it so much.

Then this scene happened. And then I got it.

It’s funny, because in many ways, this scene is just so shamelessly hackneyed – but maybe that’s why it works so well. The romance of it (and God, isn’t it nice to see two anime characters actually, properly ‘seal the deal’ for once instead of beating about the bush) – added to the awful tension of the audience knowing Simon’s watching, and it’s destroying him inside. It’s all just so perfect.

And then, the ‘thing’ that happens afterword happen. And it just epitomises every single ‘flag’ in every show ever. It tears your heart away, stamps on it and then throws it back in a cheap paper bag. So simple, yet so gut-wrenching – and that’s what makes Gurren Lagann so brilliant.

For my money, one of the greatest quotes in anime, ever.


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